Liver Loving Beet Latte

Annaliisa Detox Beet Latte

If you love frothy hot drinks as much as me, this beet latte is a must try.

I used beet powder (available in an health food store) and collagen because they are both important for helping the liver detoxify harmful toxins that come from daily exposure from food, air, water, and products we use on our skin and in our homes.

Our bodies are equipped with detoxification mechanisms, but when these […]

Liver Loving Beet Latte 2017-10-31T13:19:47+00:00

5 Natural Ways to Get Rid of Bloating

get rid of bloating

Do you ever feel a bit “overextended” in the belly after a meal? Perhaps “gassy?” Have you ever carried a “food baby?”


Well, bloating is common. Up to 25-30% of people experience it regularly. It happens when you have trouble digesting. The symptoms come from excess gas, reactions […]

5 Natural Ways to Get Rid of Bloating 2017-10-07T08:54:35+00:00

Easy Healthy Appetizer + Shrub Sangria Recipes!

Summer is so full of fun celebrations, trips and family time! And just because you want to live a healthy lifestyle, doesn’t mean that you should miss out.

Today I’m sharing a few of my go-to recipes for parties, that are healthy, fun, simple to make, and taste DELICIOUS!!

(find all the recipes below)


Easy Healthy Appetizer + Shrub Sangria Recipes! 2017-07-01T13:47:55+00:00

Energizing Iced Mocha


It’s become a regular at the office with Leah and I. Friday rolls around, we’re feeling the weekend vibes, but there is always so much to do! We’re feeling a little tired from the week, and then we bring out the ‘GO-GO juice’.


Energizing Iced Mocha 2017-06-02T11:09:20+00:00

Immune Boosting Super Smoothie

immune boosting smoothieIn a world that is constantly causing our immune system to put up it’s deference, it’s important to take a preventative approach. Daily stress, processed foods, sugar, allergens, lack of sleep, toxins, and our gut health all affect our immunity.

To help your body stay strong and ready to fight, we need to support it daily with nutrients, rest, and stress relieving techniques.

Some key nutrients to help boost our natural immunity […]

Immune Boosting Super Smoothie 2017-01-04T12:56:24+00:00

Bursting with Energy Smoothie

I order to love how you feel, you need to really understand what your body needs. The energy we feel from food is dependent on so many factors, including how we digest/absorb/assimilate the food, the right micro-nutrients (vitamins, minerals, etc), and the right proportion of macro-nutrients (protein, fats, carbs).

It’s also dependent on bio-individuality, what works for one person, may have the opposite effect on another. The health of your body will of course play a role in how much energy […]

Bursting with Energy Smoothie 2016-12-15T10:34:40+00:00

Sleepy Tea Recipe with Turmeric, Passionflower and Honey


If you really start to think about it, what’s the one thing that always seems to mess up your health goals? The lack of energy, irritability, cravings, inability to stick to your healthy eating, and so on, can most likely all be blamed on a crappy night of sleep.

If you are feeling stuck in a rut and don’t know where to start, then my suggestion is to focus on your sleep for […]

Sleepy Tea Recipe with Turmeric, Passionflower and Honey 2016-12-15T10:34:40+00:00

The Adrenal Booster Smoothie Recipe

Today I’m sharing my Adrenal Booster Smoothie with you because let’s face it, in today’s world we all need some adrenal love to help support the body as it tries to combat all the extra stress that’s constantly affecting us on a daily basis.

When your body is constantly under stress, from toxins (personal care, pesticides, environmental pollutants), food allergens, […]

The Adrenal Booster Smoothie Recipe 2017-04-24T17:20:05+00:00


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