Why Your Waist Circumference Matters 100x More Than What You Weigh


You totally want to ditch your scale, don’t you?

You may have this weird kind of relationship with your “weight”.

I mean, it doesn’t define you (obviously).

What you weigh can matter but only to a certain extent.

Let’s look at your waist circumference (well…you look at yours and I’ll look at mine).

Waist Circumference (AKA “Belly Fat”):

Do you remember the fruity body shape descriptions being like an “apple” or a “pear”?  The apple is kinda round […]

Blueberry Bliss Nice Cream + Benefits of Blueberries


You have probably heard of ‘nice cream’, right? But perhaps you haven’t tried it out yet?

‘Nice cream’, which is vegan ice cream (dairy free), is pretty much a staple in my household during the warmer months.

They are a great antioxidant and nutrient rich alternative to sugar laden and dairy filled store bought ice creams. There are, of course, dairy alternative ice creams available at the store, but they are usually filled with […]

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Blueberry Bliss Nice Cream
Perfect for an afternoon snack or after dinner sweet fix!
Course Dessert
Prep Time 5 minutes
Course Dessert
Prep Time 5 minutes
  1. Add milk in the blender first, then all the rest of the ingredients.
  2. Start with the blender speed at the lowest, and use your tamper to press the ingredients into the blades for about 30-60 seconds, slowly increasing speed.
  3. When the nice cream is moving through the blades easily, turn the speed to high for 5-7 seconds. Serve immediately.
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Case Study: From Pain and Fatigue to Healthy and Happy

holistic nutrition


I’m not the type of health professional to take before and after pictures. And I don’t really measure success with just a scale.

I have never actually asked anyone I work with to count calories. I think it’s a waste of time and it sucks the fun out of healthy eating.

Real change takes time and […]

What’s the real deal with coconut oil? Is it good or is it bad for you?

coconut oil good or bad


The coconut oil controversy has once again come up in recent news, and has probably left many of you asking these very questions.

Coconut oil contains mostly saturated fat, and we’re told that saturated fat is bad…. It’s linked to cardiovascular disease, and thus increases the risk of heart attack and stroke…right?

The answer is not so simple.  Fat, including saturated fat, […]

Can My Symptoms Actually Be a Food Intolerance or Sensitivity?

Food intolerances or “sensitivities” can affect you in so many ways.

And they’re a lot more common than most people think.

I’m not talking about anaphylaxis or immediate allergic reactions that involve an immune response. Those can be serious and life-threatening.  If you have any allergies, you need to steer clear of any traces of foods you are allergic to, and speak with your doctor or pharmacist about emergency medication, if necessary.

What I’m talking about, is an intolerance, meaning you do not […]

Best Natural Ways to Flavour Water

Raspberry Mint Water

We all know that we should be drinking more water, that’s a given. It will help to flush out daily toxins and water is used in all of your bodily processes. During cleansing or exercising, we need to make sure we are drinking extra water to support the body.

What happens when our bodies don’t have adequate amounts of water?

  • Our energy levels drop (A mere 5% drop in water levels […]

3 Supplements You Should be Taking if You’re Over 45 Years Old


3 Supplements You Should be Taking if You’re Over 45 Years Old

Yes, while I always say that it’s better to get your nutrients from food first sometimes supplements are necessary.

Unfortunately there are just some all-too-common nutrients that we simply don’t get enough of.  And they’re absolutely critical to optimal health and wellness.  Especially as […]