Essential oils aren’t just pretty smelling little bottles, they are powerful solutions to compliment your healthy lifestyle.

.My personal journey started about 20 years ago, when I purchased my first bottle of lavender to help calm my nervous system. Over the years I have learned how to use them not just as an emotional support but as a safer alternative to our toxin-free cleaning supplies, our evening sleep routine, dealing with headaches, uplifting the spirits, calming daily stress and so much more.


If you’re anything like me, you’ve been searching for ways to create a more peaceful and safe environment for yourself and your family as well. And this is where the oils come in.


Starting your own journey with the oils is the beginning of a beautiful new chapter in your life. It means that you are ready to set the bar higher. It means that you are ready to rise your vibe and invite more moments of peace and joy into your life. It means that you are in charge of the trajectory of your well-being and your life.

doTERRA’s pure essential oils are sold online and through various retailers at full price, but anyone can access wholesale pricing so it doesn’t make sense to purchase full price!

I want to show you how to purchase at wholesale, which is how I order my oils.

As a wholesale customer, you’ll be able to shop online whenever you want at 25% off.

There are no monthly minimums but if you ever do want to start ordering monthly, they have a brilliant monthly wellness box program where you can earn rewards and even get a free monthly oil!

My favourite way to get started is with the Healthy Start Kit. It includes some of the most beautiful oils to support emotional wellness, toxin free cleaning,  and it allows you to invite moments of selfcare into your life on a daily basis.

To get started, follow the steps below.

Simple steps to setup your account:

1.  Click Here to open up your wholesale customer account.
If you are planning to purchase the Healthy Start Kit I mentioned above, click here.


2. Fill in your account info. My referral ID should be filled in for you, but if it isn’t, enter Annaliisa Kapp, province of British Columbia or my ID which is 7743677


  3. When you get to the kit screen, choose the best option for your current health goals.


4.  Finalize your shipping and payment options. Click “Process Order Now & Continue

On the very last screen, it will ask you if you’d like to join the optional Monthly Rewards Program. You can set this up at a later time if you wish, or you can plan a custom box to arrive next month. What most of our customers do is choose one area to focus on each month and update their monthly wellness order according to their health goals.


 Once you’re setup, you’ll receive a welcome email from me with access to all of our team support such as our Healthy Habits program and resources like the Green Cleaning Guide. I’ll even send you a little welcome gift in the mail!

I’m so excited that you have made the decision to start your journey with the oils and can’t wait to welcome you to the community.