Want more energy, maintain a healthy weight, and  & have a delicious and simple dinner on the table in 30 minutes?


An all inclusive club for driven women who want a Done for You Solution to Meal Planning and Healthy Eating, without having to spend hours in the kitchen or giving up their favourite foods.

A Healthy Lifestyle Starts With the Right Nutrition Plan

In today’s busy world, it may seem impossible to eat healthy and stay on track. Where do we even start? Which foods should we add to the shopping cart, and which should be put back on the shelf? How do we keep from eating the same boring but healthy meal over and over again?

Of course we all want to be healthy, but our hectic schedules and stressful daily demands leave us feeling more frustrated and uninspired than ever. This is why we’ve taken the guesswork out of establishing a healthy lifestyle and have created the AOK Membership Program.

Change is difficult, particularly when it comes to a lifestyle switch. I understand that the less work you have to do planning, researching, shopping, and innovating in the kitchen, the more likely you’ll be able to stick with your goals.

I get it, because I am you. I have two amazing and enthusiastic girls, a full schedule, and I do all of the things that are expected of us. Just a few short years ago, I was still living under the impression that being super busy and doing everything was some kind of badge of honour. I put on a good front, but behind closed doors I was feeling completely overwhelmed, totally drained, and suffering in silence. Because I felt like this is what it took to keep it all together. I got it all done, but I was miserable.

Then I thought to myself, there has to be a better way. How do people do this whole work, life, relationship thing and still feel peaceful, organized, and actually take the time to fill their own cup?

What changed for me was 1. Asking for help more and 2. Having better systems in place.

As a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, I knew what to eat and how to make sure I was providing proper nutrients for my body, as well as my family’s. But after long days of work, there were so many evening where I felt so unprepared and stressed at dinner time.

I knew something had to change. So I made a commitment to create more systems and routines for myself and my family.

I started planning ahead, finding ways to make make healthy eating more simple and affordable, and finally scheduling in time daily to take care of me. YUP. Every single day.

And it is possible for you too, sweet friend. You can eat healthy food, feel organized, and prioritize your health so you can have the energy and life you deserve, and be a living example of a truly balanced healthy lifestyle.

And this is exactly why I have developed the AOK Nutrition Plan Program – an all in one solution to healthy eating that makes life simpler, less time consuming, and of course more delicious!

The right nutrition plan can inspire your love of natural, nurturing foods, help you feel confident in the kitchen, and help you achieve your goals for optimal energy and weight.

Annaliisa Kapp in Kitchen

Who is this program for?

  • The driven woman who understands the value of nutritious food
  • The ambitious woman who wants to eat properly throughout her busy day
  • The overwhelmed woman who wants to feel more prepared for busy weeknights
  • The depleted woman who wants to feel the energy that nourishing food can give you
  • The stressed woman who wants more simplicity and ease in her life
  • The empowered woman who wants to learn new strategies to save time and money in the kitchen
  • The foodie who wants to liven things up by trying new recipes

Who is this program NOT for?

  • Someone who doesn’t understand the value of eating more whole foods cooked at home
  • Someone who does’t want to spend 30 minutes in the kitchen cooking
  • Someone who eats, sleeps, and dreams about creating meal plans and shopping lists
  • Someone who wants to spend countless hours researching the next diet fad, recipes, and pretty pictures on Pinterest
  • Someone who already had this whole healthy eating thing figured out and knows exactly what to buy, how to stock their pantry, and create amazing meals each week