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Become the healthiest person you know.

I specialize in helping busy individuals create a personalized action plan to health. Find ease in your digestion, say bye-bye to PMS, feel lighter and more energized, and finally make peace with your plate!

You are in the right place if you:

  • want to make your health a priority so you can thrive in all aspects of your life
  • have tried yo-yo dieting and weight loss programs in the past and realize that you need something with more substance
  • are sick and tired of feeling overwhelmed and you need an action plan that fits YOUR BUSY LIFESTYLE
  • appreciate delicious food
  • want to learn all about your health so that you can feel EMPOWERED and in control of how you feel and the choices you make
  • want new ideas on how to incorporate healthy foods into your daily diet in a SIMPLE, DELICIOUS AND FAST WAY
  • are SO over feeling tired and fatigued and you just want to FEEL AMAZING!

The Process

  • 30 Minute Complimentary Fatigued to Fabulous Energy Breakthrough Session (Book here) to make sure we are a great fit for one another. Please note – we have a 48 hour cancellation/re-booking policy.

  • 90 Minute Health Intake Consultation to Dive Deep and Uncover Your Root Cause of Imbalances and Goals

  • 90 Minute Health Plan Consultation to Give You a Customized Roadmap to Energy & Optimal Weight

  • 45 Minute Follow Up Sessions to Build Your Nutrition Habits

  • Weekly Accountability Check Ins

I first came to Annaliisa a few months ago after my cousin recommend how amazing she is. I have 4 children 2 of whom are 18 month old twins so I was in need of some TLC. Annaliisa has helped me with getting my energy back, healthy sleep habits, stress management, kicking those nasty sugar cravings and above all TLC. She is very knowledgeable and a wealth of information. Like I mentioned I’m a Mom of 4 and Annaliisa’s healthy yummy recipes are an absolute breeze to make and everyone in the family are happy taste testers. She also checks in regularly on my progress which is great motivation for me. I look forward to continuing my health journey with Annaliisa!

Sara Kervin

Service Options


The Step-by-Step Plan for Women Who Want All-Day Energy & Realign Their Hormones

Say goodbye to dieting and step into a healthy lifestyle transformation.

This package is for you if you:

  • You are ready to say goodbye to yo-yo dieting and actually transform your health
  • You are frustrated about not having enough energy to get through the day
  • You need a deeper understanding of why you are experiencing symptoms like bloating, headaches, digestive upset and unbalanced moods and you are ready to take action to eliminate these problems
  • You feel like you have tried every diet but still can’t reach your healthy weight goals
  • You need someone to show you what to eat, when to eat it and stay on you case so you actually follow through
  • You are ready to take small bite sized action steps to shedding unwanted extra pounds, banish your cravings, take your energy levels up in a big way and feel freakin AMAZING!

Click here to discover more and start with a free Fatigued to Fabulous Energy Breakthrough Session.


Real transformation starts in the gut.

This package is for you if the answer is yes to some of these questions:

  • Do you frequently or daily suffer from digestive issues such as bloating, gas, acid reflux, constipation, and/or loose stools?
  • Do food allergies or sensitivities leave you frustrated about what the heck to eat?
  • Do you find yourself cancelling social plans because your bloating and unpredictable bowel movements are out of control?
  • Are your skin issues like acne or eczema making you feel  hopeless and discouraged?
  • Are your digestive symptoms starting to lead to more serious issues like arthritis, anxiety, depression or chronic fatigue?
  • Do you suspect or have a diagnosis of IBS, IBD, leaky gut, SIBO, candida, or multiple food sensitivities?
  • Have you been to different doctors or naturopathic physicians but need someone to guide you through the process with a step by step plan?

Then you are in the right place.

Click here to discover more and apply for a discovery session.

“Annaliisa is amazing. Before I worked with her I was always tired, couldn’t manage my iron levels and had troubles loosing weight. Now after working with her I have never felt better! She is incredibly knowledgeable and she truly cares about you. Her passion for nutrition comes through in her programs and especially in her recipes. They are delish and so easy to make!!! She has helped me through my transformation and has inspired me to become an holistic nutritionist as well! I would recommend her to anyone that is willing to make and enjoy whole foods as well as get incredibly healthy in the process!”
Helena Iori, Toronto, Canada
“I have followed two of Annaliisa’s cleanses, which were awesome, and had an amazing opportunity to travel to Costa Rica with Annaliisa and Jenn (Studio Thrive & Thrive Bootcamp). Annaliisa has a gift. She has a way of making healthy eating and food prep easy and manageable for even the busiest person. She lives what she teaches, so is an inspiration to anyone wanting to make some healthy changes to the way they view food and nourishment. Check out her website…it’s gorgeous! And she has some fabulous recipes there too.”
Samantha Saffy, White rock, British Columbia
“I decided to reach out to a holistic nutritionist out of shear frustration and overwhelm. For years I had been doing my own research on whole, clean foods and was attempting to live a holistic lifestyle. I had information overload and didn’t know how to put all the pieces together.
I’m so happy I contacted Annaliisa. Right from the get go, with her intake process, I knew I was in good hands. Her knowledge of how our foods (along with several other factors such as stress and sleep) affect every aspect of our being, combined with her caring, nurturing personality, was just what I needed to set my mind at ease and release the frustration I had associated with food.

My protocol was extensive but very easy to follow and implement. She provided several simple suggestions to help me form positive, long lasting, healthy habits. Her recipes are DELICIOUS and EASY. My favourite is her Toasty Oat, Date and Chocolate Protein Bars – the perfect solution for my sweet tooth!

Annaliisa’s support was exactly what I had been searching for! I’m happy to report that I feel amazing – my headaches are gone, my sugar cravings have disappeared and somehow I’ve developed the patience of a saint when it comes to my kids!”

Thank you so much, Annaliisa!

Leslie Teixeira, British Columbia
“I really loved my experience with Annaliisa because she is very passionate about nutrition and knows exactly what she is talking about. Annaliisa really listens and makes sure she understands her clients as unique individuals with unique nutritional needs. I would recommend Annaliisa’s service’s to anyone.”
Kimberly Buchard, BC
“I met with Annalissa for the first time a few weeks ago at our initial consultation. She went over all my health information, surveys that I had filled out prior to my session and my average daily nutrient intake. From there she made many great observations as to areas which I could alter in order to enhance my overall health and well-being. Subjects that could be potentially intrusive or awkward when meeting a new person were none of the above. Annaliisa truly has every client’s best interest and wellbeing at heart. She spent countless hours going over my individual current health needs.

One of the suggestions Annaliisa made when reviewing my current daily nutrient intake, was to decrease the amount of coffee/caffeine I consume. Now, all you coffee gurus like me are thinking – that’s impossible! I am here to tell you, you’re wrong! Annaliisa suggested decreasing the coffee consumption slowly. But, Annaliisa did not leave me hanging. She gave me a great replacement for my coffee/caffeine need that is substantially better for my overall health. Meet matcha green tea powder. If you haven’t already checked out this great recipe by Annaliisa I highly suggest you do: I can safely say that I have lasted one week without coffee and not only love the matcha replacement but love what it does for my health. I have more energy that is sustained throughout the entire day. Previously I would drink 1-2 cups of coffee prior to going to the gym in order to increase my energy level. But, as soon as I started exercising I would feel nauseous and slight heart burn. When I switched to matcha tea all of these issues disappeared.

All it takes is that one first step! Do it! Make an appointment with Annaliisa and you will not be disappointed. I can say first hand that not only will you form a great new friendship but your health will be improved substantially. Who doesn’t want that? “

Hannah Cummins, BC –
your health is an investment