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I help you get over the biggest obstacles standing between you and the truly healthy vibrant person you want to be. 

Together we create a healthy thriving balanced diet, discover how to lose weight in a sustainable way, get rid of the bloat, say goodbye to cravings, and finally have the energy to do the things you truly love, one meal at a time. 

Discover how to eat healthy, one bite at a time.
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Feeling frustrated with your lack of energy, overwhelmed about how to start your health journey, and need someone to kick your butt into action?

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Listen…there is a totally overwhelming amount of information out there about nutrition and health. But I’m the one who can help you turn all of that noise down.

My name is Annaliisa. I believe in connecting with the quiet power of nature—whole organic foods and the body in balance—to unleash a truly blissful state of wellness. Because being “healthy” just means being you—the “you” that could flourish with just a little nutritional detective work, education, encouragement, and accountability. So what does that look like?








Please note – there is a $50 booking deposit fee that can be refunded after your consult, credited toward a program, or in case of a missed appointment without 24 hour notice, this fee in nonrefundable.

Annaliisa’s depth of knowledge about nutrition and health, combined with her delicious recipes, put her to the top of my list for my wellness!

Karen Angelucci, Birthright Investment


Nutrition & Health

“I tried Annaliisa’s 14 day whole body detox cleanse and I absolutely loved it. The whole plan is extremely well laid out, and Annaliisa was fantastic with support the whole way through. I loved all the recipes, and she including more than enough to take you through the two weeks. Prior to the cleanse I felt fatigued and disinterested in being active and productive. The cleanse got me going and I felt light, airy and full of energy now! The worst part was the idea of life after the cleanse, after trying some foods I used to eat regularly I decided that I am going to stick to this healthy new lifestyle! I am super excited to start the 30 day weight loss program!”
Gabrielle Burke, founder of g ceramic & co.
Annaliisa has a gift. She has a way of making healthy eating and food prep easy and manageable for even the busiest person. She lives what she teaches, so is an inspiration to anyone wanting to make some healthy changes to the way they view food and nourishment.
Dr. Samantha Saffy, Psychiatrist, Surrey, BC
I couldn’t have been happier with my experience and outcome of the 14 day whole food cleanse. It is detailed andl easy to follow. All the recipes were delicious, filling and it was fun to try lots of new ingredients. You really cannot go wrong when you have a shopping list, recipes, meal plan and a super knowledgeable nutritionist to assist you through the whole process. At the end of the 14 days my skin, body and energy all felt fabulous. I will definitely continue to use the recipes and implement all the tips that Annaliisa shared during the process.For those who are a bit uneasy about the whole process, you could not be in better hands. Annaliisa is super knowledgeable, genuine and kind hearted. It doesn’t matter what level you are at in your emotional and physical lives, Annaliisa is always there for you. I would highly recommend it to anyone.
Hannah Cummins, Photographer Langley, BC.
Annalissa helped me understand what my body needs. Afters countless years of yo-yo dieting, starvation, over-eating, and many other destructive habits I engaged in to control my weight or just feel better about life, I got tired of feeling tired, sad and just plain unhealthy. That’s when I found Annalissa and learned about what she does as a holistic nutritionist. We started with my mental state which was so helpful, and then she began teaching what nutrients my body has been needing all this time. I felt safe, empowered and even excited throughout this whole process! Following her instructions was easy and fun, and I felt I could make adjustments where I needed them. I felt 80% better in the first week of following the protocol Annalissa and I decided on for me. Today I’m learning to love my body for the miraculous machine that it is, rather than punish it for what I feel it should be. Annalissa, I cannot thank you enough for what you have done for me: you have given me back to myself, and I’ll never go back to the way I was!
Brianna Carson, White Rock BC.
I just wanted to say thank you, that I truly enjoyed the cleanse, and can’t wait for the next one with new seasonal ingredients. That was just the motivation I needed after a summer of not so great food choices and far too much wine. You’ve really empowered me with lots of information and I love how good tasting all this healthy food was. I want to eat like this every day now.
Teira Mackie, White Rock, BC.


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