Steps to Freedom from Cravings

In this free nutrition class, we’ll go over real life action steps you can start to take immediately to find freedom from cravings to sugar & junk food.

You’ll find answers to questions such as:

  • Should I avoid certain fruits or vegetables?
  • Can I drink alcohol and still avoid sugar?
  • Which sweeteners should I absolutely avoid?
  • What’s the easiest way to stay track?

Plus discover some important underlying root causes for cravings that could sabotage your results and keep you stuck in a cycle of yoyo dieting.


BRAND NEW PROGRAM: Nutrition + Lifestyle for a Healthier Mind and Body

The holiday season can be tough, with more responsibilities & so many indulgences to tempt us. ¬†Year after year, we tell ourselves, I’ll just get through the holidays and then hit the reset button in January and ‘get back on track’.

But what if you made a conscious choice this year to support your mental & physical health, while still enjoying yourself? What if you stopped the cycle of the all or nothing mentality & yoyo dieting that keeps you trapped?

What if you could bring more positivity & joy into your routine & focus on your progress rather than self imposed failures?

This is exactly why I created the Holiday Support & Accountability Program! Together, with a loving nudge from me, we can find the support & resources to change the pattern of cravings, fatigue, & stress and move gracefully toward loving acceptance, confidence, & feeling proud of yourself.

How does that sound?

Here is how the program will help you find balance & freedom this holiday season without giving up all your favourite foods:

The program you will have my support through:

  • Access to ask me questions
  • Weekly accountability checklists
  • Weekly 3 day food diary audit for motivation
  • Meal plans with a detailed grocery list
  • Meal Prep Guides to save you time & help you plan ahead

Savings: Regular investment: $150

Sale: $97 (save $53)

Sound like a plan? Let’s do this!

save $53

This program runs for 3 weeks and you will have access to the private chat support with Annaliisa during this time. You can can download all the material from the program and have lifetime access to the material.

No, supplements are not included in the price of the program. The recommended supplements can be purchased from my office or shipped to you at a discounte