Reset your digestion, reduce your inflammation, and get a healthy head start on your weight loss goals – without deprivation!

With so many different cleanse and detox methods out there, it can be hard to know where to start.

Take the guesswork out of cleansing and experience the energized lifestyle you desire with our Season to Cleanse online group program guided by award winning Registered Holistic Nutritionist Annaliisa Kapp.

Maybe you’ve always loved the idea of a cleanse but have been too intimidated to get started. What are the food restrictions? Will I be too tired to keep up at work and at home? Will I be so hungry I’ll stuff myself the moment it’s over? Will I actually lose weight? While these are valid questions, and ones we’re happy to answer, we’re here to let you know that cleansing doesn’t have to be complicated.

The online Season to Cleanse online group program is proven system that is designed and guided by Annaliisa, who will be with you every step of the way. Every ingredient in chosen with intention, every recipe curated for an easy and delicious experience.

By creating a simple, and delicious whole food meal plan, complete cleanse food guide, shopping lists, and the option to add recommended herbs and supplements (along with so much more), you’ll feel confident and capable that you can take on this challenge and enjoy the many benefits that come along with it!

Why Does Your Body Need a Cleanse?

Our lives are full of modern day toxins that wreak havoc on our organs’ ability to process and and eliminate them regularly. These toxins are present in our foods, atmosphere, and even the water we drink. While our organs do a great job most of the time in eliminating these toxins from our body, after a while, they can build up and overload our system leading to low energy, dull complexion, bloating, cramping, and even derail our weight loss efforts.

Participating in our Season to Cleanse program will give you the opportunity to become mindful of the food going into your body, and help you set the tone for a lifestyle of healthy food habits. Along with cleanse guides and resources, you’ll learn to love the kitchen again with Annaliisa’s delicious, satisfying, and easy-to-follow recipes that will never leave you feeling deprived.


What’s the difference between a Diet and a Cleanse?

In a diet, you find yourself trying to count every calorie you eat, which understandably causes you to become frustrated and give up. At the end of the day, you find yourself hungry, lethargic and always depending on your willpower to fight cravings.

This 10-Day Cleanse program isn’t about starving your body, fasting, eating strange food combinations, or drinking endless amounts of weight loss shakes. This cleanse is about helping your body release toxins that are stored within your fat cells in a healthy way with whole foods, so that your whole body can benefit and feel re-energized.



.How will this cleanse benefit you?

● Kick start your fat loss by eliminating the toxins that interfere with hormonal and liver function

●  Wear your favourite clothes with confidence again

● Reduce bloating and cramping by eliminating top allergenic foods and adding healing anti-inflammatory herbs, spices, and foods into your diet

● Wake up feeling recharged, and experience higher energy levels throughout your day

● Say goodbye to foggy brain with mental clarity and improved concentration by flooding your body with beneficial nutrients

● Restore your glow with healthy skin from the inside out. Watch your acne and eczema totally transform within 10 days!

● Awesome side benefit? Boost your libido. Big time.

● Enjoy better moods, less anxiety, and irritability with adding the right types of foods

● Decrease uncomfortable PMS and menopause pains – reduce hot flashes that keep you up all night by supporting your liver with the right ingredients and detox methods


I know what you’re thinking, “Seriously, all that after 10 days?”.

YES. The food that you put into your body really is that powerful. Once you start feeding your body with the right nutrients and give it what it needs to thrive, it literally effects every single organ and cell in your body. And you will notice a huge difference in your energy, sleep, and daily cravings.


What You Can Expect:

The Season to Cleanse workshop begins with a pre-cleanse program that provides you with all the information needed to ensure you transition safely into the next ten days. Throughout the program you will be well prepared to make our simple, healthy, and delicious detox recipes, and will enjoy the benefit of continuous coaching, feedback, and support from our Certified Holistic Nutritionist.


Here’s What’s Included:

● Pre-Cleanse program designed to transition you successfully and safely into the next ten days.

● Warming, cleansing, and purifying menu designed to satisfy your appetite and while taking advantage of seasonal ingredients.

● Ease into the cleanse with done for you shopping lists and meal plans so you don’t need to think about it

● Email support from our Certified nutritionists to keep you accountable and on track

● Support guides for any roadblocks – like Getting rid of cravings quickly

● Online support throughout the cleanse with a private Facebook group of people who are experiencing the exact same program you are.

● Lifestyle recommendations to further enhance detoxification and reduce any detox side effects like headaches

● Supplement Guide to get the best results from cleansing

● Webinar to kick off the cleanse so you feel crystal clear about what to eat and how to support your body throughout the cleanse


Early Bird Special – Until Oct 19th



Some love from past cleanse participants:

“The whole plan is extremely well laid out, and Annaliisa was fantastic with support the whole way through. I loved all the recipes! Prior to the cleanse I felt fatigued and disinterested in being active and productive. The cleanse got me going and I feel light, airy and full of energy now! The worst part was the idea of life after the cleanse, after trying some foods I used to eat regularly I decided that I am going to stick to this healthy new lifestyle!.”

Gabrielle Burke, G Ceramic & Co.

“I want to let you know how great the cleanse was for me. I knew I needed to kick some of my unhealthy habits, like pizza and beer after a tough day at work and not enough veggies in general.

I was looking for something  that would help me stick to a plan, and I’m really happy I found your cleanse right at that time. By having a 10 day plan laid out, with lots of extra information, and support from you and the other participants, I found it was a great approach! The recipes are inventive and delicious and introduced me to new foods and how to prepare them.

I pretty much stayed on the cleanse for another week because I didn’t want to jump into any other foods too quickly. I still haven’t gone back to coffee, have limited wheat and dairy, and no sugar. I’m using your recipes as guidelines when I want to add new healthy foods. And I’d say I have made the lifestyle change that I want.

It’s easy to slip a smoothie into my day when I feel the need.