Welcome to the Free Resource section. I have put together some amazing resources for you that I love and use in my home to make healthy eating more simple and sustainable. Anything that I recommend has been tried and tested by me and is in alignment with my values of ethically sourced, manufactured and produced products and foods.

The links below are not sponsored by the companies I am recommended, however, some links are affiliate links.

Save time and money with free grocery delivery from Spud.ca

The produce is always fresh, loads of organic and local produce and staples, prices are great, the online store is so easy to navigate, and best of all, your groceries are delivered to your home!

I’ve been using Spud.ca for my weekly grocery hauls since 2017 and I LOVE it.

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spud delivery

Wean Green Tampered Glass Containers

I have used these awesome and eco friendly containers for years and absolutely love them.

They come in so many cute and practical sizes for dressings, little hands, snacks, lunches, and leftovers.

They are leak proof, 5x stronger than regular glass, and free from harmful toxins like PBA, PVC’s and Phthalates.

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Wean Green Glass Containers
Dirty Dozen List

The Infamous Dirty Dozen List

Each year, the Environment Working Group comes out with a list of their top dirty dozen and clean 15 list measuring the amount of herbicide and pesticide residue found on produce.

You can download a printable PDF form here and keep it on your fridge!

Top Time Saving Gadgets in the Kitchen

I love to cook, but let’s face it, we could all use a little extra time on our side. I have compiled a list of my top time saving tools in the kitchen so you can have more time to actually enjoy eating healthy food.

Find the list here.

Time Saving Kitchen Tools

Are you a budding Holistic Nutritionist or Health Coach?

These resources are for you!

Below, you’ll find referral links to some of the best tools I use to run a successful business.

To learn more about organic food and regulations:

Canadian organic consumer info site – www.OrganicBiologique.ca 
Canadian Health Food Association – www.chfa.ca 
Canadian Organic Growers – www.cog.ca
Canada Organic Trade Association – www.ota-canada.ca
Canada Organic Office, The Canadian Food Inspection Agency
Canada Organic Product Regulations
Canada Organic Standards

Helpful Websites:

vran.org/ – excellent resource to help you make an informed decision about vaccinations.

www.ewg.org/ – see how your baby and personal care products rank on this incredible resource for all personal care products.

www.stilltasty.com/ – food safety resource.

Need some delish recipes and inspiration to get your healthy eating back on track?

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