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Meet Our Medical Esthetician!

Leah La Vanway – Essence Of L Medi Spa

LEAH LAVANWAY PICLeah’s philosophy is Simple: Client Education + Effective Treatments = Healthy Glowing Skin

Here is a little more about Leah and what she specializes in:

Leah LaVanway, is the founder and owner at Essence Of L Medi Spa, which is a personal medical esthetic boutique tucked away in the heart of White Rock. She has over 9 years of trained experience in the industry, and over 15 years of personal experience dealing with Cystic Acne.

Leah has been through the heart ache, depression, frustration, and failure of every day acne and “empty promise” over the counter skin care products. She understands the support, education, and patience it takes to go through these traumatizing skin conditions.

It is through that hardship that she developed her “WHY” for going into the ever evolving esthetic industry. It is her personal goal to coach, educate and treat clients while working through your various skin care concerns. By enrolling in continuing education classes and seminars multiple times throughout the year, she stays current and up to date with the newest technologies and changes in the industry.

She invites you to call and book your complimentary consultation to design a personally developed program for your own unique glow!

Connect with Leah:
website: http://essenceofl.com/
facebook: /EOLMediSpa
twitter: @EOLMediSpa


Meet Our Nutrition Intern!

Hannah Smith, Holistic Nutritionist

Hannah is a budding graduate of the Institute of Holistic Nutrition. She has a passion for working with others, food and business. She decided to pursue her passion as a Holistic Nutritionist after experiencing first hand the profound effects of improved diet & lifestyle. She credits her progress to staying consistent and dedicated to her lifestyle by being aware of how food makes her feel and also practicing yoga and strength training as means of stress management. Follow her on Instagram!

If you are looking for more sustainable habits that don’t include an overnight diet, a fad, or magic pill, and you’re ready to transform your health and energy levels, you can start your journey by applying for a complimentary