Hello My Dear Reader,

It’s been on my bucket list for as long as I can remember. The gorgeous beaches, lush nature, and warm tropical nights.

All inclusive resorts serve their purpose, but having the opportunity to take part in a health retreat was definitely a dream come true. I got the opportunity to design a healthy meal plan, test my cooking skills in a 40+ degree kitchen with no A/C, and practice my bargaining powers at the local markets. I faced my fears, gained courage, and opened my eyes to a world of opportunities.

I’m sharing some of my experience with the most awesome bunch of 15 ladies in the beautiful Playa El Coco, Costa Rica through some of my favourite moments and dishes!

We kept the breakfasts simple and included varieties like DIY avocado toast with radishes and arugula, overnight oats, and chia pudding! And tropical smoothies are a must ~ the pineapple was super sweet and juicy!! You can find the recipe on my Instagram feed🙂

Ice cold Vanilla Matcha Lattes to help the ladies cool off and replenish their antioxidants.

Sylvia really LOVED the Tropical Chia Pudding with Papaya and Pineapple! Thanks for being my chia model beautiful!

With an abundance of colours and flavours I was able to create recipes that even my biggest skeptics (the meat and potato lovas) fell in love with. My intention with all of my workshops and nutrition sessions is to get the message of “healthy eating can be simple and delicious” across to anyone that comes across my path. Some of my favourite ingredients to use in Costa Rica were hearts of palm, avocados, pineapple, roasted garlic, and cilantro. Rice and beans are a big staple here so I got creative and made some coconut and curry inspired dishes as well.

It’s Taco Tuesday!!

 Sylvia loved her tacos:) And she’s practicing eating mindfully..

Mmm.. roasted pineapple with maple, cinnamon and cayenne..

After the mini digestion workshop and some apple cider vinegar shots we had the most amazing power bowl with parsley, spinach, roasted garlic pesto, roasted zucchini, hearts of palm, carrots, cucumber, marinaded beets, served over quinoa. YUM

I also got to teach a mini workshop on the importance of a mineral rich diet and taught the ladies how to make nori rolls with marinated mushrooms!



Good job Thrish!! How cute is she??


The second workshop was all about simple ways you can support your digestive health to increase energy and nutrient absorption, and decrease food sensitivities and uncomfortable digestive symptoms like gas and feeling bloated. I brought along a few of my favourites including probiotics, bitters, enzymes, and fermented vegan protein powder from Genuine Health. The ladies loved the protein in their smoothies! I even made them do some apple cider vinegar shots.. hehe

We had a ton of fun keeping ourselves fit on this trip thanks to Jenn from Thrive Bootcamp. From Zip-lining to hikes, morning bootcamp and water aerobics, and a got to teach traditional Hatha style yoga to the ladies.




Upside down and superwoman style..



Oh hi Howler Monkeys! They may look cute, but they don’t sound cute!! (check them out on Youtube)


Cooling off with water aerobics:)

And a hiking we go!


It was hot, hot, hot!!




Faced my fears head on and JUMPED!!
And practicing our handstands at sunset was a part of the curriculum..


 Ah… Shavasana…
Followed by poolside Rangpur (lemon/lime type fruit) with stevia and maple syrup for a dose of vitamin C to replenish!


We did keep things in balance with some sunset margaritas with fresh fruit..



Ahh the sailboat cruise..


Naphan is very happy we aren’t the old men he was expecting..



And some Mango Acai Greens+ from Genuine Health shooters loaded with spirulina to help the body detoxify and rejuvenate..


Connecting with nature at it’s finest. Lush rain forests, vibrant flowers and birds, breathtaking views. And monkeys. Lot’s of monkeys.



And some more sunset handstands of course.



The sunrises don’t disappoint either..





 Oh hi monkey!



Our home away from home was beautiful and just a skip and a hop from the beach in the small town of Playa El Coco where the people are warm and welcoming.










You’ll always have a piece of my heart Costa Rica!! PURA VIDA!!

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