We all know how important exercise is for our health, but how do we create more energy, stamina, and endurance for movement?  


By moving our body consistently, we can see improvements in all aspects of health, including: 

  • Increased blood & oxygen circulation, cardiovascular health & energy 
  • Better mood & cognitive function 
  • Stress release 
  • Strong bones & immunity 
  • Optimal metabolism and body composition 
  • Positive mindset & sense of accomplishment 


So how do we build more energy to move our body: 

  • FUEL YOUR BODY PROPERLY. You’d never head out on a long road trip without filling your tank with gas, right?! Your energy needs fluctuate daily, & depend on your age, gender, and activity levels. As the intensity and frequency of your exercise increases, so should your energy intake! Individual needs can be calculated by your nutrition professional, but generally speaking, you’ll want to increase your high-quality carbohydrates (fruits, veggies, legumes, whole grains) and protein (organic free-range eggs, meat, cold water fish, unprocessed soy, protein powder, hemp seeds, and legumes) And don’t forget to hydrate with electrolytes! (here is a great post about pre/post exercise nutrition


  • ENHANCE MITOCHONDRIAL FUNCTION. As you may remember, the mitochondria are your energy centers of the cells – and your workouts increase the size & enhance the function of the mitochondria. In order for our body to make energy – it needs specific nutrients to make red blood cells, build enzymes & hormones, and activate the Krebs Cycle in the mitochondria. They also need micronutrients like magnesium, B vitamins, CoQ10 & iron found in foods like black beans, Swiss chard, and wild salmon. 


  • TRY CORDYCEPS a genus of fungus, cordyceps militaris has been used for centuries in Traditional Chinese Medicine to support energy, respiratory, kidney, and cardiovascular function. In a recent study, 3-week supplementation period with 4gr of cordyceps resulted in significant improvements in maximal oxygen consumption, enhanced blood flow and oxygen utilization. By increasing vasodilation and metabolic efficiency, the study showed increased exercise tolerance, raising the anaerobic threshold and delaying the onset of fatigue. Upregulation of energy producing pathways, enhanced blood flow, and increased intracellular ATP may also increase the ability to reach and maintain exercise at higher intensities. Cordyceps use has also previously been shown to delay lactate accumulation, making exercise recovery easier and faster. Source 


  • FIND THE RIGHT EXERCISE FOR YOU. As we progress through various seasons of life, our exercise capacity and needs change. We are also unique due to variations in our genes, meaning that some of us are naturally built for endurance, while others are built more for strength. As we reach certain age milestones or stressful stages, we need to accommodate our hormonal needs through different styles of exercise. For example, if you are feeling totally spent after your exercise and you can try to keep up with your high intensity exercise routine while also juggling a high demand job and parenthood, you may benefit more from lower intensity and cortisol calming exercise like Pilates.  


  • PRIORITIZE SLEEP & REST.  In our Western society, we tend to be chronically goal driven and view rest as a waste of productive time. However, anyone can attest to feeling better and achieving more when they actually give their body and mind a much-needed break. When we get enough sleep and rest, we recover from exercise faster, have more energy to move our body, and feel more motivated to eat healthy foods that enhance our endurance and stamina while exercising. Over exercising and not getting enough rest can lead to adrenal burnout, as your body is constantly under duress and can’t keep up with the hormonal output demand for stress hormones, which are also utilized for exercise. Using less caffeine, doing higher intensity exercise in the morning, having a solid sleep routine and aiming for at least 7.5-9 hours of sleep is optimal for ensuring high energy for exercise.  


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