chia pudding


Is there anything easier and more satisfying to make in less than 3 minutes than chia pudding??

Maybe. But it’s definitely one of my top options!

I make this recipe 2-3 times per month and usually store it in mason jars so I have the option to take it along with me if I’m having my breakfast or snack on the go.

The reason I love chia seeds so much, is that they are great for stamina, digestion, and blood sugar balance – it will keep you going for a few hours for sure!

Some benefits of chia seeds include:

  • The gel forming properties of chia seeds tend to slow down digestion and sustain balanced blood sugar levelsĀ 
  • Chia seeds can absorb more than 12 times its weight in water. This ability to hold water can prolong hydration and retain electrolytes in body fluids
  • The gel formed when chia seeds are eaten creates a physical barrier between carbohydrates and digestive enzymes that break them down, thus slowing the conversion of carbohydrates to sugar and extending endurance
  • Beneficial for many health issues, including diabetes, hypoglycemia, celiac disease, and lowering cholesterol

Try my simple chia pudding below, I promise you’ll love it! I added some red currants to mine because I love them, but you can use whatever berries you have around.

Enjoy xx

chia pudding with berries

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Easy Summer Vanilla + Berries Chia Pudding
This makes a great snack or breakfast on the go!