If there is a dish that can help you amp up your nutrition with powerful nutrients, it’s curry!

There are many ways to make a curry, but with this recipe, I kept it simple & focused on adding in ingredients that help to support our body on many levels.


Here are some benefits of this recipe: 

Anti-inflammatory: adding ingredients like turmeric has been shown to benefit many areas of health due to it’s anti-inflammatory & gene modulating properties, mainly due to curcumin, like cardiovascular health, neuropathic pain, depression due to neuro-inflammation, chronic fatigue, and obesity. Medicinal mushrooms, such as lion’s mane, sweet potatoes, ginger, and broccoli also support healthy inflammation levels in the body.

Stress and hormone balancing: using foods such as broccoli, garlic, onion, cilantro, reishi, and sweet potato all support healthy detox pathways, blood sugar balance, and provide prebiotic fibre to our microbiome to ensure healthy gut function – the foundations of healthy endocrine system and optimal hormone function. Adding adaptogenic mushrooms, like reishi, will further help to provide a sense of balance and antioxidant support to the mind and body to deal with daily stressors.

Immune supportive: important micronutrients found in this recipe, such as vitamin A from sweet potato, amino acids and iron from chicken, antiviral properties of garlic, onion, and ginger, and naturally occurring polysaccharides called glucans found in medicinal mushrooms like maitake and shiitake, all help to build a resilient and robust immune system.

Healthy comfort food: creating a dish that is both nourishing to the body and makes you feel satiated due to the flavour combinations like sweet, pungent, and spicy, as well as macronutrients like healthy fats, protein, and fibre rich carbohydrates helps us feel good on so many levels, including our soul!


If you’re not familiar with medicinal mushrooms yet, here is a brief breakdown:

Medicinal mushrooms: are a class of edible fungi that are used to help the body adapt to stressors of all kinds ~ physical, chemical, and biological. Each type of medicinal mushroom has its own unique properties and benefits to support homeostasis. Most commonly, medicinal mushrooms are utilised to enhance immune, hormonal, & cognitive health due to their high antioxidant content & adaptogenic properties. The fruiting body of the mushrooms offer the greatest health benefit potential so you’ll want to choose mushroom brands that are free from fillers & high in Beta-D-glucans.

In this recipe I’m using a mushroom blend called Balance by Eversio Wellness that contains:

Reishi – is a great choice for when you feel chronically overwhelmed & need deep nourishment for your overtaxed adrenals. It gives you a sense of calm and helps you get into a deeper, more rejuvenating sleep. Reishi is also a source of powerful antioxidants to clear toxins & reduce inflammation.

Lion’s Mane – well known for it’s nervous system rejuvenation and mood support for depression and anxiety. It supports repair & regrowth of nerve cells, reduction in neuroinflammation & improved cognitive function.

Maitake & Shiitake – for when you’ve been pushing yourself too hard & need extra love & support for your immune system, blood sugar, & inflammatory response, which can all take a hit when we are under loads of stress.

To try medicinal mushrooms and get the highest quality benefits, check out Eversio Wellness organic mushroom extracts. I have been using the Balance, Chill, and Awaken blend for the past 3 months and absolutely loving the results. I feel calmer, more focused, and have a lot more energy.  You can use my affiliate code (ANNALIISA15) to save 15% at checkout.





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