Thursday, 17 April 2014

Dairy Free Alternatives + Raw Beet Ravioli Recipe with Macadamia Nut Cheese and Creamy Hemp Drizzle

Raw Beet Ravioli with Macadamia nut cheese and hemp drizzle

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If you have ever taken on the challenge of doing a cleanse, whether it's candida, liver, or simply a whole body cleanse, you will notice dairy being one of the big no no foods on the list of foods to avoid. This can be a tough one to give up for most people because there are a lot of positive connections we have to dairy. Cheese is one of the ultimate comfort foods, it's an easy way to get your kids to eat calcium rich and calorie dense foods, and it can really add to the flavour and texture of most dishes. The problem is, it comes with a high price. 

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Beets ~ Liver Loving Superfood

liver loving beet dandelion salad

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Beets are one of my all time favourite foods, not just for their amazing health qualities but for their versatility and sweet taste. At one of my recent detox workshops I made raw beet spaghetti noodles with cilantro pesto and I turned the biggest skeptics into beet lovers! One of the coolest things about beets is that you can use them to do a bowel transit time check on yourself. Your transit time is the amount of time it takes for your food to go through your digestive track, from your mouth all the way to the well... toilet. Why on earth would one need to know this sort of information? To figure out if you are eliminating properly! This is important because if you are not eliminating, you are reabsorbing toxic waste through your colon.

Monday, 31 March 2014

Giveaway Time ~ Camelina Artisan Oil by Three Farmers

camelina oil three farmers giveaway and recipes

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I'm a big healthy fats advocate with my clients and readers simply because I think many people are lacking in them. Decades of fear mongering coupled with the food industry's distortion of culinary fats into a chemical concoction of trans fats has left us feeling like maybe it's best to avoid fats all together. The fact is that we NEED healthy essential fats to build healthy cells, hormones, and brains. We even need fat to burn fat. My top choices for culinary oil are coconut, olive, flax, hemp, avocado, and macadamia nut oils for their various health benefits. It's important to switch up your oils every once in awhile to give your body and enzymes a break. Lately I have also been loving camelina oil. Unlike most healthy oils, camelina oil takes it up a notch because you can literally use this delicious nutty oil for all your cooking needs. It's high vitamin E content allows you to use it for cooking and roasting. I love to use camelina oil in dressings and marinades because unlike olive oil, it doesn't congeal in the fridge! I like to use flax oil for the omega 3 fatty acid content, but I don't love the fact that it can go rancid very quickly once it's exposed to light, air and heat. Not very practical! Camelina oil will be safely stored in your cupboard for over a year. And that, my friends, is why I want you to start using this awesome oil in your kitchen immediately!

I'm so excited to share this opportunity to give you a chance to try Three Farmers Camelina Oil and reap all the health benefits!

Here are links to my recent recipes made with camelina oil:
Bright and Sunny Salad Bowl
Apple and White Bean Dip
Roasted Tomato Hemp and Basil Pesto

About Three Farmers by Canpressco Products

Three Farmers is a small group of Saskatchewan farmers passionate about growing natural and healthy food and dedicated to providing a personal connection between consumers and producers. Founded in October 2010, Three Farmers was the first to introduce camelina culinary oil to Canada. Noted for having high levels of Omegas and Vitamin E, a high smoke point and long shelf life, their expeller cold-pressed oil has a truly unique profile, relative to other oils on the market.

The winner of the contest will receive a beautiful gift set duo with the original camelina flavour + your choice of roasted garlic and chili OR roasted onion and basil infused oils.

camelina oil three farmers giveaway contest

Here is your chance to get your hands the amazing camelina oil valued at $45! 

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