Meet Glow from Within Beauty Expert Leah LaVanway of Essence of L Medi Spa!

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Today I would like to introduce you to one awesome woman, my friend and the woman who inspired me to create the Glow from Within Challenge because one of the first things you will notice about this woman is her gorgeous glowing skin! Second is her sparkling personality and her passion for empowering and educating her friends and clients.

From a holistic perspective, what I really loved about her approach was her understanding of how our internal health is a true reflection of how we look on the outside. There aren't very many Medical Estheticians who actually take the time to research and educate their clients about the importance of feeding your body healthy food to improve your skin health. She truly understands the connection between our emotional state, stress levels and what goes into our bodies and the affect it has on our skin health. That's why I love her and you will too!

Here is a little more about Leah and what she specializes in:

Leah LaVanway Essence of L Medi Spa White Rock Skin Expert
Her philosophy is Simple: Client Education + Effective Treatments = Healthy Glowing Skin

Leah LaVanway, is the founder and owner at Essence Of L Medi Spa, which is a personal medical esthetic boutique tucked away in the heart of White Rock. She has over 9 years of trained experience in the industry, and over 15 years of personal experience dealing with Cystic Acne. Leah has been through the heart ache, depression, frustration, and failure of every day acne and “empty promise” over the counter skin care products. She understands the support, education, and patience it takes to go through these traumatizing skin conditions. It is through that hardship that she developed her “WHY” for going into the ever evolving esthetic industry. It is her personal goal to coach, educate and treat clients while working through your various skin care concerns. By enrolling in continuing education classes and seminars multiple times throughout the year, she stays current and up to date with the newest technologies and changes in the industry.

At Essence Of L Medi Spa, Leah believes that everyone’s skin is unique, therefore each and every client will have a different treatment plan created to ensure that your skin’s appearance and integrity is improved to meet your specific goals. Each client goes through an extensive consultation process, where you will discuss your current skin concerns as well as create a series of treatments that will obtain your best individual results. Throughout this process you will learn current skin care tips; proper product regime; and mineral make up applications.

Essence Of L Medi Spa was awarded 2013 "The Best in your Community" for Day Spa & Laser Clinic by the Surrey Now News paper. Leah is a certified Medical and graduated from the Blanche MacDonald Institute with honours. She has extended her medical training with:

Advanced Dermapen Micro needling
Clinical & Physician Skincare & Peel Training
Laser & Microdermabrasion as well as taught across Canada as a Cold Laser and Microdermabrasion Educator/Technician
Thermo-Coagulation Vein Therapy
Universal Contour Body Wrap
Mineral Makeup applications

She invites you to call and book your complimentary consultation to design a personally developed program for your own unique glow!

Connect with Leah:
facebook: /EOLMediSpa
twitter: @EOLMediSpa

If you want to take part of our Glow from Within Challenge, you can still join is here! (You will have access to the remainder of the challenge)

Hope you'll join us on our journey to Glow from Within!


Meet Glow from Within Healthy Skin Expert Dr. Justyna

Hey there health seeker,

Our Glow from Within healthy skin challenge is well on it's way and tomorrow we have a very special contribution from Dr. Justyna. She'll be helping us understand the connection between sugar consumption and acne. As someone who is prone to acne breakouts, I can tell you from experience what a difference it makes on my skin. Her article is coming up on day 4 of our challenge, stay tuned!

Dr. Justyna has a caring, relaxed and patient nature, qualities which are essential in a good healthcare practitioner. Her knowledge and ability to truly listen to the needs of her patients are what make her a truly gifted Naturopathic Doctor. And she is as lovely as can be:)

Here is a little more about Dr. Justyna:
Dr. Justyna healthy skin expert, White Rock, South Surrey

Dr. Justyna Sommer is a Naturopathic Doctor and licensed Bowen practitioner in South Surrey and White Rock, BC, Canada. She runs a general family practice and has a special interest in women’s health and pediatrics. Dr. Justyna is extremely passionate about empowering women to reach their optimal physical, emotional and spiritual health. When it comes to skin, she believes that the state of ones skin is a direct reflection of what is occurring inside their body and so, by helping her patients regain their optimal health she helps them shine both from the inside and out.

Connect with her:
twitter:  @drjustyna

If you want to take part of our Glow from Within Challenge, you can still join is here! (You will have access to the remainder of the challenge)

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We are just about to kick off the Glow from Within 15 day online challenge and I wanted you to meet one of the awesome natural beauty experts as well as give you a chance to enter our giveaway!

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