Friday, 25 July 2014

Are you standing in the way of your own health goals? ~ Removing limiting beliefs to reach your health and weight loss goals

She believed  she could so she did quote

Hey there health seeker,

When there is a will there is a way. I love that expression. When we are faced with a difficult challenge, we are often left to the mercy of our ego to take the next steps. We all have that nagging voice in our heads that plays that old record over and over again. You are not enough. You don't deserve to be healthy. You'll never get there, there is too much work to be done. You are fat and that's all you'll ever be. Sound familiar? Often it's these really limiting beliefs that keep us stuck in a rut. Wouldn't it be great if someone just hijacked your brain and replaced  put sweet loving encouraging thought patterns? Well, my friend, you are the only one who has the power to hijack your brain and start to believe in yourself again. As part of my online Non-Diet Weight Loss program, I take you through a step by step process to remove this huge obstacle from reaching your health goals. This allows us to create space in our mind and body for new positive habits.

When you believe you can, you will!
Believe you can and you are halfway there. Roosevelt quote

How many times have you tried to change your habits, let go of emotional eating and adapt to a healthier lifestyle? And how many times have you sabotaged these efforts by your limiting thoughts? It is my core belief that every single person has the ability to feel amazing, have a healthy loving relationship with food and reach their health goals. Whether it is to feel lighter and energetic, joyful, or just be comfortable in your own body.

Think about it. If you are constantly telling yourself, I am not good enough, I can't do it, it's not attainable, I'm not worthy, I can't lose weight, I'm in pain and I can't change it.... That is exactly what you are manifesting. Your body is always listening, and becoming exactly what you are telling yourself you are..

To release these limiting beliefs will also release the excess weight that you are holding on to.

Here is the first step; acknowledge the blocks and your limiting beliefs.
What are those voices, or your ego, telling you that's stopping you from reaching your health goals?

For example: " I have always been this way and there is no hope for me".
Now, what if you changed that limiting belief right around: "Every single moment is a new beginning. I am in charge of my health and I choose to nourish my body in this moment."

Ahh.. doesn't that feel so much better? Now imagine how your mind and body will start to thrive, awaken and energize each time you give yourself that opportunity to feel good? What would that feel like in your body?

This is what's missing in every weight loss program. This is the crucial first step toward health. Removing those limiting thought patterns so that you are able to actually be in a positive mind set and learn to improve your relationship with your eating habits and yourself.

 "Believe you can and you are half way there". said Theodore Roosevelt.

Let go of what is no longer serving you. Give yourself permission to more toward health. You deserve to me healthy and vibrant.
Whether you think you can or you can't, you are right. Henry Ford quote

To help you reach your weight loss and health goals, I have designed a totally achievable and practical road map. Getting to the root cause of the underlying health issues, addressing the limiting factors and obstacles and a tangible plan that includes shopping lists, meal plans, one on one coaching, motivational tools, and education will finally help you reach your health goals and make sustainable lifestyle changes.

Join us on August 9 ~ get the full program details here!

With love,

Sunday, 6 July 2014

Frozen Summer Treats ~ With Benefits!

Frozen Healthy Summer Treats with Benefits

Hey there health seeker!

Want to get your kids eating? Just freeze it! I swear, I can feed my kids (1.5 & 3) just about anything simply by making them into frozen treats. I love playing around with different fruits and veggies, and even mixing in things like herbs and spices with specific health benefits that I have a really hard time feeding them otherwise. Most recently I blended in some immune boosting turmeric to a coconut mango ice cream (recipe below). It's pretty tough to get kids to eat many immune boosting or antiviral superfood, especially when they're feeling under the weather.

Making your own sweets is so important because you get to control exactly what goes in it: whole food sweeteners, fibre, healthy fats, and no artificial flavours, preservatives, or colours! When it comes to our health, weight and mood, sugar is the real culprit we need to watch out for. Read any processed food label and you will notice sugar (in some form) will be the first ingredient. You will also notice many "healthy" desserts will contain artificial colours, additives, and natural flavour, which is a completely unregulated term and can have just about any chemical concoction included on the list as long as it's derived from something that slightly resembles food!


Thursday, 3 July 2014

Shine Bright ~ A special self-empowering summer workshop for pre-teens and adolescent girls (White Rock, South Surrey, Crescent Beach)


I am so excited to bring you this amazing event along with some incredibly passionate women! The coming of age period can be confusing and challenging, to say the least. Teaching young women about the importance of self worth and how to take care of their bodies is more important than ever. I wish a workshop like this existed when I was that age, it would have made those years a lot easier!!

In this fun workshop, girls will learn some of the most important lifelong tools from our team of coaches, yoga instructor and holistic nutritionist. By helping young girls embrace their own unique strengths, teaching them the basics of healthy eating, and allowing them to express themselves through yoga and creativity. An absolute must for every girl!

NUTRITION: Learn which foods will leave you positively glowing! Special nutrients for healthy skin, energy and mood with our holistic nutritionist.
YOGA: Yoga helps us find inner peace, calm and strength, by being ourselves and having fun!
CREATIVE LEARNING: Discover and embrace your unique strengths! Create a fun and inspiring memory book full of quotes, affirmations, and healthy recipes.
HEALTHY SNACKS: We'll teach you how to make healthy food choices plus demonstrate & serve up some delicious goodies like Bliss Balls, Energy Smoothies and Herbal Lattes! (dairy-free, gluten-free style)

Date: Friday July 18  12:30 – 5pm
Location: The Space Crescent Beach Wellness Studio
(101-12219 Beecher Street, Surrey)
Price: $55  early bird (deadline July 10) Regular $69 (after July 10)
Recommended Ages: 11-14yrs
Register: @ 604-542-0009 , or in-person

Please pass this on to anyone you think would benefit!

In health,

A self empowering workshop for teen and adolescent girls with yoga, nutrition and creative learning.


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