Hazardous to Your Health: Heavy Metals from Everyday Sources + Product Review for the Best Deodorant in the World!

Best Deodorant in the World Review ~ Non toxic, aluminum free
Hello Everyone!

When you hear the term, heavy metals, you probably think of some poor soul who is working away in a toxic environment. Maybe a coal mine worker, industrial factory laborer, or something of that nature. Unfortunately, every single one of us is exposed to heavy metals on a daily basis. I wrote a blog about the top 12 toxic chemicals in your beauty products awhile ago, but this time I wanted to shed the light specifically on heavy metals because they have a significant impact on our health.

Event News: The Radiant Holiday Social, White Rock, South Surrey

Hello friends! 

I have a very special event coming up in early December and would love to connect with you! The Radiant Holiday Social is in White Rock, BC on December 6 and I will be doing a special food demo, sharing delectable holiday treats, and giving you tips on how to keep your holiday season healthy and delicious. I'm also putting together some super exciting and health enhancing holiday gift bags and everyone will be getting a little swag bag filled with healthy goodies!

You'll have an opportunity to connect with the community and pick up some unique and fun gifts for yourself or loved ones. You'll also learn about the hottest holiday trends and get to explore some vintage accessories by Briana from What Would Audrey Wear? and get some glowing skin advice from the healthy skin expert Leah from Essence of L Spa!

Thank you to our sponsors Genuine HealthGiddy Yoyo and Three Farmers by Canpressco, can't wait to share the recipes with you!!

Come find your glow at the Radiant Holiday Social!

This is a free event with a $5 donation to our local charity at the door.
RSVP soon as spaces are limited! http://bit.ly/RadiantHolidaySocial

Event news: The Radiant Holiday Social in White Rock, South Surrey

Guest Post ~ Exercising too much: More Harm for Your Body, Mind and Skin than Good!

Hey there health seeker,

Today we have a special guest blog post from my friend and a fabulous personal trainer, Caszie Schoeber. I love her philosophy and teaching style because it comes from a place of self care and love. To Caszie, fitness is more than a number on the scale. It's about enjoying life, living guilt-free and feeling wonderful about yourself. In her teens, she was diagnosed with a hormonal disorder called PCOS. To her shock, one in ten women suffer from it. Her weight steadily increased and because of the hormones it seemed near impossible to burn fat.

Her journey to health has been long but she stormed on and eventually reached a point where her hormones are near balanced and her weight is under control. Now she has a passion to help others and strongly believes anyone can reach their health and fitness goals, it just takes hard work and perseverance!

Thanks for sharing your passion and knowledge with us Caszie, enjoy!

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