Meet Glow from Within Healthy Skin Expert Dr. Justyna

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Our Glow from Within healthy skin challenge is well on it's way and tomorrow we have a very special contribution from Dr. Justyna. She'll be helping us understand the connection between sugar consumption and acne. As someone who is prone to acne breakouts, I can tell you from experience what a difference it makes on my skin. Her article is coming up on day 4 of our challenge, stay tuned!

Dr. Justyna has a caring, relaxed and patient nature, qualities which are essential in a good healthcare practitioner. Her knowledge and ability to truly listen to the needs of her patients are what make her a truly gifted Naturopathic Doctor. And she is as lovely as can be:)

Here is a little more about Dr. Justyna:
Dr. Justyna healthy skin expert, White Rock, South Surrey

Dr. Justyna Sommer is a Naturopathic Doctor and licensed Bowen practitioner in South Surrey and White Rock, BC, Canada. She runs a general family practice and has a special interest in women’s health and pediatrics. Dr. Justyna is extremely passionate about empowering women to reach their optimal physical, emotional and spiritual health. When it comes to skin, she believes that the state of ones skin is a direct reflection of what is occurring inside their body and so, by helping her patients regain their optimal health she helps them shine both from the inside and out.

Connect with her:
twitter:  @drjustyna

If you want to take part of our Glow from Within Challenge, you can still join is here! (You will have access to the remainder of the challenge)

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Glow from Within Challenge Expert + Giveaway from Sweet LeiLani!

Sweet leilani green cosmetics giveaway

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We are just about to kick off the Glow from Within 15 day online challenge and I wanted you to meet one of the awesome natural beauty experts as well as give you a chance to enter our giveaway!

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Meet Sweet LeiLani! 

Event news: 4 Week Non-Diet Weight Loss Nutrition + Fitness Class, White Rock, South Surrey

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I'm over the moon excited to announce a very special healthy lifestyle event coming up on November 10th in White Rock. I have teamed up with the most amazing fitness expert and personal trainer, Caszie Schoeber from Fitness on the Go, to bring you the Non-Diet Weight Loss: Nutrition + Fitness Program!

Dates: Monday nights ~ November 10 – December 1, 2014 @7:30 - 9:30pm
Location: 882 Maple St, White Rock
Investment: $229 (Early bird $189 if you sign up before November 3!)
BONUS: Weekly food demo and samples + Giveaways

If you have struggled with your weight and energy levels and are looking for practical solutions that last a lifetime, then this program is for you. This is truly a one of a kind experience that will not only teach you invaluable skills on how to improve your health and take care of your body, but also taps into the emotional side of healthy weight loss. As part of a supportive group environment you will have a chance to connect with a community of individuals who understand exactly what you are going through. With the help of Caszie and I, plus the other participants, we will keep you accountable, motivated and inspired. You will not only look fabulous for the upcoming holiday season but most importantly feel more comfortable and confident in your own body!

We start with the foundations of healthy eating and exercise and build on new habits each week. Here is the breakdown:

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