Event News: Wellness Workshop in South Surrey ~ Creating Healthy Habits for Life

Hello My Dear Reader,

I'm excited to announce that I will be doing a special workshop at a local performance and conditioning gym ~ 23Seven in January!

This is a free event for anyone wishing to gain insight into how to create healthy sustainable weight loss, increase their energy and understand the role of nutrition in our well being from a deeper and more individualized perspective.

I'll be serving up some delicious samples as always!
                  Creating healthy sustainable eating habits for life!


  •       The top biggest mistakes causing you to weight gain and how to avoid them
  •       Top weight loss superfoods
  •       How to balance your meals for weight loss
  •       Discover some possible underlying causes of unhealthy weight gain

Date: January 3 2015 @ 10am
Location: 1990 – 152 St. South Surrey
Investment: This event is complimentary

BONUS: Food demo and samples  

RSVP today by e-mailing holla@23seven.ca

Hope to see you there,

Annaliisa, Xx

A Winter Friendly Warming Smoothie Recipe: Gingerbread Delight

Hello My Dear Reader,

Is your smoothie giving you the chills lately? As the weather gets colder, your body starts to naturally crave more warming foods. Makes perfect sense, right? We tap into that intuition when we reach for rooted vegetable stews and soups, and more cooked foods during the colder months.

As we move from season to season, you'll want to adjust the ingredients in your kitchen to go along with this natural pattern. What your body craves more now is foods that help to heat that furnace inside of us. There is a way to get through the cold season without packing on excess weight from too many overly rich and and dairy heavy dishes. There are many healthy foods that can support the body's need for heat and protection from the environment. Apples and pears instead of berries, hearty cooked greens like kale and chard, gluten-free grains like millet and quinoa, nuts and seeds, and salty mineral rich foods like seaweeds and miso are great options. For vegetables choose brussels sprouts, cabbage, carrots, winter squash, leeks, onion, parsnips, Jerusalem artichoke, ginger, sweet potato, and rutabaga, among others.

I like to keep drinking my smoothies throughout the year because it's just so easy and convenient to through together a breakfast or snack this way. Below you'll find a delicious concoction made with winter friendly fruit and spices to help you take on a cold day. Adding ginger is especially helpful if you find yourself to have cold hands and feet, as it improves circulation. (Find my guide on how to make your smoothies winter friendly here)

Warming Coconut Curry Stew Recipe

Hello My Dear Reader,

Today I'm sharing one of my favourite warming recipes with you from my Non-Diet Weight Loss Program.

It's filled with loads of anti-oxidant rich and immune boosting veggies, healing spices and you will love it!

Dr. Justyna loved the stew so much she put it up on her blog:) Get the recipe here!

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