low sugar gluten free date coconut bites

Satisfy your sweet craving, without the crash!

Today I’m sharing my beautiful Mama’s recipe with you! She is the baker in the family and other the years she has really adopted a healthified way of channeling her love of sweets.

She makes these little bites 3-4 times a month and they are an absolute favourite around here.

The only sweetener in the recipe is medjool dates – which are a great alternative to refined white or brown sugar.

Dates contain:

  • Almost 2 gr of fibre per date – fibre helps to slow down sugar absorption and improve digestion
  • Energizing nutrients like B vitamins and Iron
  • Immune, skin, and eye health boosting nutrients like vitamin A and Zinc

So if you are trying to cut back on sugar and still want the occasional sweet, dates are a fabulous option! Get the recipe below:)


date coconut bites

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Energizing Low Sugar Date + Coconut Bites
These little bites are perfect for a party or for a quick energy bite anytime! Since they are low allergen (gluten, dairy, refined sugar free, and vegan) they will impress even the pickiest guests:)
low sugar gluten free date coconut bites
Course Dessert, Snacks
Prep Time 10 minutes