I feel like I need to share a hard truth with you, my sweet readers.

You see, the whole reason that I got into the food, nutrition, and health industry, was largely due to my love of whole food and cooking. I absolutely love playing with different flavours and textures in the kitchen and I also really enjoy when other people play with food and feed me their delicious creations. Obvi. I’ve even been fortunate enough to travel to different parts of the world, like Europe and Indonesia, and immerse myself into their food culture.

My whole business is built around food – creating recipes, meal plans, and programs for my clients.

But about a year and a half ago, I lost my mojo for cooking. It became a chore. I started to associate it with another thing to get done on my already overflowing list of things to do. I started to resent it. And all the different dietary lifestyles that were influencing my work – like the keto and paleo diet, were making me feel like I had to stick to one dietary lifestyle, and anything that I created had to fall into a category – or a box.

So I stopped creating and having fun. I started to cook with purpose, not passion – to get the kids fed, to keep my energy high and blood sugar low, to stay healthy. But I stopped playing with food.

Can you relate? Was there a time in your life where you absolutely loved cooking and being creative in the kitchen? And then work, kids, and life got busy and you stopped having fun and cooking became a daily chore?

So now I’m finding my way back. Letting my inner child come out and play. Allowing myself to create and share without worrying which box to check – paleo, keto, vegan.. And maybe I’ll never get back to the same place I was before, but maybe I’m not meant to. Perhaps my cooking style needs to evolve and grown with me.

I hope you enjoy the recipe below – it’s bursting with flavour, and the clean up is a breeze. And it’s made with the intention to spark the creative foodie inside you!

Always keeping it simple and delicious for you,

Annaliisa xo

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Easy Weeknight Moroccan Stew
You can use an extra can of chickpeas and veggie broth to make this meal vegan!