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21 Day Spring Rejuvenation Cleanse Online Program

This is a safe and effective whole food cleanse with group coaching sessions. Enjoy a delicious and simple meal plan, accountability check ins, weekly group coaching sessions, and I’ll be available throughout your cleanse for any questions on our private forum!

Here are the benefits of detoxing at a glance:

  • Helps with reaching and maintaining optimum weight
  • Improved digestion and bowel function
  • Increased energy levels
  • Gain insight into what foods you might have a food sensitivity to
  • Mental clarity and better concentration
  • Regain and maintain optimum health
  • Healthy glowing skin
  • Increased sex drive (whoot whoot)
30 day salad challenge

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30 Day Salad Challenge

For thirty days you will have a creative and delicious salad recipes with mouthwatering healthy dressings, along with weekly shopping lists, pantry essential for perfect salads and loads of enlightening nutritional information. Each recipe is composed of vibrant whole foods with gorgeous pictures!

How you will benefit:

  • Discover new greens that you may have heard of but don’t know what to do with!
  • Add more raw living health enhancing foods to your diet
  • Discover new exciting ingredients and their health benefits
  • Feel light and energized
  • Learn how to incorporate balanced plant based protein to make your salads fulfilling and satisfying meals
  • Be motivated and inspired with new salad creations for 30 days!
annaliisa's holistic nutrition and meal plan membership

Starting from $67.00

AOK Nutrition and Meal Plan Membership

When: Seasonally
Where: Wherever you are

Life is too short to feel anything less than positively fabulous! The hectic pace of life, poor nutrition and lifestyle choices, and everyday stressors are enough to get anyone into a rut. Our Seasonal AOK Membership gives you the necessary tools to empower yourself to feel healthy, organized, and fabulous!!

Benefits of Membership:

  • Feel fully supported with seasonal meal plans that will help get you back to feeling your best, while helping to prevent future health problems.
  • Gain empowering knowledge with seasonal nutrition seminars.
  • Feel at ease and relieved on your nutrition plan – finally get through your day without the bloat and heartburn!
  • Feel confident in how and what to eat, without feeling deprived or like you are missing out on family events, travelling and dining out.
  • Improve the quality of life with more energy, better skin health,  and optimal weight.
  • Save money with detailed shopping lists and meal plans that will help reduce food waste.
  • Feel motivated and inspired with beautiful and delicious meals!