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Online Programs

Starting at ONLY $97.00


Season to Cleanse: 14 Day Total Body Reset (Online Detox)

This is a safe and effective whole food cleanse with the option to add some recommended herbs and supplements to enhance the detoxification process. We will have a group start in May, but you are welcome to start at your own pace. We’ll kick things off with a webinar, keeping you on track via e-mail, and I’ll be available throughout your cleanse for any questions on our private Facebook community!

Here are the benefits of detoxing at a glance:

  • Helps with reaching and maintaining optimum weight
  • Improved digestion and bowel function
  • Increased energy levels
  • Mental clarity and better concentration
  • Regain and maintain optimum health
  • Healthy glowing skin
  • Increased sex drive (whoot whoot)
30 day salad challenge

Get Started For ONLY $17

30 Day Salad Challenge

For thirty days you will have a creative and delicious salad recipes with mouthwatering healthy dressings, along with weekly shopping lists, pantry essential for perfect salads and loads of enlightening nutritional information. Each recipe is composed of vibrant whole foods with gorgeous pictures!

How you will benefit:

  • Discover new greens that you may have heard of but don’t know what to do with!
  • Add more raw living health enhancing foods to your diet
  • Discover new exciting ingredients and their health benefits
  • Feel light and energized
  • Learn how to incorporate balanced plant based protein to make your salads fulfilling and satisfying meals
  • Be motivated and inspired with new salad creations for 30 days!


Non-Diet Weight Loss (12 weeks online)

You experience a total transformation as you start to let go of negative self talk and overcome emotional eating and cravings, for good. But most importantly, you learn how to love real food in a healthy and balanced way. 

This 12 week program will empower you with knowledge, tools and inspiration to achieve sustainable results, without deprivation!

There is a kinder, more gentle way to reach your health goals. 

The Non-Diet Weight Loss journey is about..
  • Removing the stress around cooking and healthy eating
  • Allowing yourself to eat with joy and ease
  • Discovering simple and effective daily health habits that support a healthy weight
  • Feeling empowered and in charge of your health
  • Replacing negative self sabotaging talk and finding positive perspective
  • Exploring the root causes of unhealthy weight gain and finding solutions to common weight gain culprits like unbalanced hormones, sleep issues, and a toxic body
  • A step-by-step guided program to implement healthy habits


Combating The Blues – Online Nutrition Class

When: Start at your own pace
Where: Wherever you are

Life is too short to feel anything less than positively fabulous! The hectic pace of life, poor nutrition and lifestyle choices, and everyday stressors are enough to get anyone into a rut. This workshop gives you the necessary tools to empower yourself to feel happy, healthy and fabulous!!

This workshop is for you if you experience:

  • Lack of motivation
  • A lack of physical energy and weight gain
  • You can’t sleep or you sleep too much
  • You are much more irritable, short-tempered, or aggressive than usual
  • You experience sadness and self-loathing on a daily basis