Motivational Challenge ~ Glow from Within: The 15 Day Beautiful Skin Challenge

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In my last newsletter I shared some exciting details about the next upcoming challenge I have in store for you guys. This time it’s all about getting your glow on, working from the inside out! The reason I’m focusing this challenge on our skin health is because of my own struggles with acne from my early teens until my late twenties. I wasn’t blessed with gorgeous naturally clear […]

Giveaway Time ~ Organic Gift Set by Spice Sanctuary

spice sanctuary organic spices giveaway

There is nothing like the aroma of baking with fresh herbs and spices. Think apple cinnamon crisp, or oven roasted garlicky potatoes. Not only do herbs and spices help to enhance the flavour of our food, they add immensely in the the nutrient compartment. Cinnamon helps to balance blood sugar, ginger helps increase circulation and digestion, turmeric is known for its anti inflammatory […]

Giveaway Time ~ Camelina Artisan Oil by Three Farmers

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Iโ€™m a big healthy fats advocate with my clients and readers simply because I think many people are lacking in them. Decades of fear mongering coupled with the food industryโ€™s distortion of culinary fats into a chemical concoction of trans fats has left us feeling like maybe itโ€™s best to avoid fats all together. The fact is that we NEED […]

Giveaway Time ~ Greenaby Natural Skin Care Products

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When we think about cleansing, we usually just consider the toxins we take internally. Eating detoxifying foods like kale, chorella and beets is a great way to help your liver neutralize and eliminate toxins from your body. During a cleanse, we eliminate certain foods from the diet, like dairy, wheat and sugar, because we need […]

Giveaway Time! Joyous Health ~ Eat and Live Well Without Dieting

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It’s giveaway time friends! I recently did an interview and a review of Joyous Health with the gorgeous Joy McCarthy. Her book is filled to the rim with invaluable health advice, super helpful tips and of course tons of recipes to ignite your inner chef! Accompanied with mouthwatering photos, this book is a must have guide to looking and feeling fabulous. You […]