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Today I want to share another success story with you because;

A. I know you love cheering other women on as much as me, and
B. It’s helpful to know that other women struggle with many of the same issues
C. It’s helps us envision better health for ourselves!

Today’s case study is all about overcoming debilitating migraines, digestive problems, and anxiety.

In her own words, Karen reached out to me because: 

” I was missing so much work due to my health I had to make a change. I suffered from migraines, digestive problems, feeling overwhelmed with stress and anxiety. My quality of life is suffering. I used to stay very close to home due to tummy troubles. This was starting to affect my family because I never wanted to go anywhere.”


What we did:

Step 1
– In the beginning we helped Karen replace some trigger foods for migraine type headaches. We helped her understand the connection between food allergies or sensitivities, as this plays a primary role in many cases of tension and migraine headaches. Since she had migraines almost daily, we helped her replace some key ingredients, like gluten, citrus, and pickled foods as well as introduced foods that inhibit platelet aggregation and help with headaches, like garlic, as well as ginger, magnesium, and omega 3.


Step 2 – Once Karen had less headaches and more energy to cook and make lifestyle changes, we helped her with managing her stress, anxiety, and lack of sleep. In order for the body to heal, especially when dealing with chronic digestive problems, we need to support the neuroendocrine system first. Dietary approach included blood sugar balance, low histamine, and micronutrient support – especially for key nutrients like electrolytes and B vitamins to support mental health, stress management, and energy. We also worked on key lifestyle habits to support her anxiety, such as essential oils, emotional stress release, and optimizing circadian rhythms.


Step 3 – Once Karen was feeling better emotionally and was sleeping well, we moved on to gut & liver support. Since Karen had been experiencing bloating & loose bowels for a few years, we added some digestive support to target her stomach acid, small intestinal lining to heal leaky gut, and a seasonal whole food cleanse to reduce toxins and support hormonal health. At this stage, we added in some nutrients to optimize her microbiome – like phytonutrients & a targeted probiotic for sensitive stomachs.


Step 4 – This is the most important phase – maintenance! We always want to ensure clients know exactly how to support their own health once they finish their program. We work on building habits such as realistic meal planning, stress management techniques, and foundational supplementation to continue to build health.


Here is what Karen had to say after working with us for 4 months:


What were some physical results you experienced while working with me?

I am off of all my migraine medications, I sleep better, digestive ease (no more loose bowels & bloating), more energy.

What mental or emotional changes have you experienced? 

I definitely have less anxiety, I know exactly what I need to eat and what I need to stay away from.

What was your biggest challenge, and how did you overcome it? 

Getting over the mindset that I did not have time to make healthy meals or meal prep for the week.

What was the most valuable part of the program?

I could not have done this without the amazing support. The constant check ins is what kept me going.

My life has completely changed. I feel so amazing after working with Annaliisa that I continue to make small steps forward to improve my health even more.

I would definitely recommend Annaliisa, she is the sweetest most caring person I have ever met. I have learned so much from her. I consider her my life coach as she doesn’t just change what you put in your body but she teaches you how to make all aspects of your life better. The best thing I did for myself was contact Annaliisa. I finally put myself first for a change and I will never regret it.


Are you currently struggling with your digestion, energy, or mood? 

I hope Karen’s story gives you some hope. Far too many women have accepted their state of health as ‘a normal part of getting older’. I’m here to tell you that if you suffer from similar issues – like daily bloating & running to the bathroom, migraines, and constant anxiety + overwhelm – you don’t need to suffer.

The first step is awareness. Just because these types of health problems are considered common, does not mean it’s our natural way of being.

If you need some help with digestion, hormones, or mood, I’m here to help. Hit reply and let’s chat – we have a variety of programs available to fit your time & specific health goals.

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