DNA testing for nutrition program

Truly Personalized Nutrition:  Understanding your genetics and taking measures to optimize your health 

The expanding field of nutritional genomics holds tremendous potential for healthcare providers to connect the dots between the human genome and nutrition to optimize health. We now have the ability to create a tailored nutritional regimen based on each individual’s unique health needs. The better you understand your DNA, the better choices you can make for your unique nutritional and lifestyle needs.


How can you eat according to your genetics?

Although 99.9% of the human genetic sequence is identical, in each gene there are also points of variations between people known as “single nucleotide polymorphisms” (SNPs). DNA testing analyzes these genetic variations that are scientifically proven to be associated with health conditions, nutrition and fitness. The food we consume, as well as stress and toxins, effect how your unique genetic variations express themselves.


Benefits at a glance:

  • Understand which foods and  macronutrient ratios your unique body needs for optimal energy and weight loss
  • Micronutrients your body may require in supplementation form (ex. how well your body regulates iron
    for red blood cells to carry oxygen)
  • Discover hidden food intolerances (how well you digest gluten, caffeine, or lactose in your diet)
  • Which type of exercise will give you the best and fastest results
  • Optimize your body’s detoxification and cognitive ability


Genetic Testing options:

  1. If you have already taken a test with 23andme.com, we can design a nutrition plan with your results
  2. If you need options for testing, book in via the link below.

Complimentary Discovery Session for Genetic Testing.