The hangover cure smoothie recipe

The Hangover Smoothie to the rescue!! After a night of a couple too many, it seems like only over the top comfort food and sleep can help you feel better. The latter may be true, but the super greasy breakfast food will only be a temporary fix. To replenish and feel good, your body wants some electrolytes, antioxidants and detoxifying nutrients!

Here is the recipe for a hangover cure:

2 cups coconut water   Replenish lost electrolytes and quench the thirst!
Big handful kale (or other greens)    Helps to detoxify and energize
1 banana   More potassium to replenish
1 cup frozen or fresh berries    Rich in anti-oxidants to help the liver cope
2 tsp chia seeds    To help bring some toxic alcohol residue out of the body
1 scoop vanilla protein powder   The amino acids are needed for liver detox and help you feel full
1 tsp bee pollen (optional)   Help replenish lost vitamin B and give you energy

Have a happy healthy start to 2013!!!